Friday, January 6, 2012

Understanding Hadoop 0.23 Internals: Yarn

SEDA style model

* Prepare the environment for containers in this application to execute.
* For $x in local.dirs
* create $x/$user/$appId
* Copy $nmLocal/appTokens -> $N/$user/$appId
* For $rsrc in private resources
* Copy $rsrc -> $N/$user/filecache/[idef]
* For $rsrc in job resources
* Copy $rsrc -> $N/$user/$appId/filecache/idef
* @param user user name of application owner
* @param appId id of the application
* @param nmPrivateContainerTokens path to localized credentials, rsrc by NM
* @param nmAddr RPC address to contact NM
* @param localDirs nm-local-dirs
* @param logDirs nm-log-dirs
* @throws IOException For most application init failures
* @throws InterruptedException If application init thread is halted by NM
public abstract void startLocalizer(Path nmPrivateContainerTokens,
InetSocketAddress nmAddr, String user, String appId, String locId,
List localDirs, List logDirs)
throws IOException, InterruptedException;



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